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Quotes of the ROTLA, 2017

December 21st, 2017

The following gems of wisdom have all been pronounced at meetings of the Graphic Novels group. Names have been hidden to protect the guilty.

A new way of looking at a classic

“What was the one with the imaginary friend?”


On the spoiler expiration date

“Don’t worry dude, we’re past the spoiler limit on Madame Bovary”.

On the Trump presidency

“America is basically entering its difficult adolescent years. With nuclear weapons.”


Well, true…

“There’s snot for the boys, and a girl for the girls!”

“Or the other way round.”

Tom Hardy’s latest, recapped

“So far he’s gone back to London, his father’s dead, he’s fought London, and had ghost sex with his sister.”

What is this thing?

“It’s Wes Anderson’s X-Men!”

Marvel comics memories

“Everyone remembers the ostrich”.

Musical criticism of the Lost Art

“Ed Sheeran is the human equivalent of iceberg lettuce.”

The importance of a good name

Preacher just wouldn’t sell if it was called Angry Vicar.

One approach to selecting reading material

“Horror comic, lumberjack comic, horror comic, lumberjack comic.”

On superhero attire

“Are you pro-trouser?”

“Leggings are the compromise.”

“Well, Superman wears tights.”

The fridge logic of superpowers

“Why does he listen to everyone’s heartbeats – why not their farts?”

The work of Len Wein

“He invented Swamp Thing, Wolverine, and really annoying Alan Moore.”

On repetitive conversations

“Duck boobs. Why are we still talking about duck boobs?”

On hopefully not burgling local comics authors

“I’ve been round to Bryan Talbot’s home many times.”

“Yes, but was he there at the time?”

Not just applicable to Mark Millar

“I know people think he’s a terrible writer, and he actually is terrible at writing.”

Upon starting a new quotes book

“I wish I could say something profound and epic, instead of utter nonsense.”

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