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November 4th, 2018

“Frontier” by Jonathan Hickman

We’re reading a selection of science fiction graphic novels . Here’s one example – “Frontier” by Jonathan Hickman:

“For the first time in eight years, JONATHAN HICKMAN (EAST OF WEST, BLACK MONDAY MURDERS, Secret Wars, Avengers) is both writing and drawing a new comic series: FRONTIER. It’s like Star Trek, but super depressing. Seriously. Not a joke. The final frontier…is a total bummer. What if 150 years from now we had everything we ever dreamed of, and then one day, the future decided it didn’t want us anymore? This first volume in the series contains galaxy-expanding bonus content like star maps, breakdowns of alien races, interstellar factions, and detailed spaceship schematics. FRONTIER is a brand new science fiction story about utopia lost, and how we might just gain it back.”

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