Readers of The Lost Art

Current Reading

August 8th, 2023

Our current reading topic is ‘Comics by Brian Wood’, including the following:

  1. “Demo” (1 copy), authors: Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan )
  2. “The Black Road 2: A Pagan Death” (3 copies). Authors: Brian Wood, Garry Brown, Dave McCaig
  3. “DMZ”, various volumes
  4. “Ninth Wave” Volume 1 – authors: Brian Wood and Garry Brown
  5. “State of Grace” – authors: Brian Wood and Antonio Fuso
  6. “Defiance” Volume 2 – authors: Brian Wood, Tristan Jones, Dan Jackson, Tony Brescini
  7. “Days of Rage” – authors: Brian Wood, Mark Chater, Lee Loughridge
  8. “The End” – authors: Brian Wood, Alex Cox, Hayden Sherman
  9. “Robotech” – author: Brian Wood
  10. “Local” (also in members’ collections)
  11. “Northlanders”, various editions.

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