Readers of The Lost Art

Discussion Questions 3: Post-Apocalyptic Comics

February 8th, 2012
  1. Atomic BombHow exactly do we define “post-apocalyptic”? What gets included, and what gets left out?  (Alien invasions, zombies, plague, nuclear holocausts, climate change?) 
  2. What’s the best example of a post-apocalyptic comic people have read? 
  3. And the worst?   
  4. What makes a good post-apocalyptic comic? 
  5. What is it that appeals to humankind about tales of the end of the world?  
  6. “If you want to get teenagers’ attention, start by saying “The world is f***ed up”. Kenny Baraka, performing “The Rememberers”. Do post-apocalyptic tales appeal especially to teenagers? 
  7. Is “Freakangels” post-apocalyptic? How about “The Crossed?” 
  8. Would the end of the world as we know it be a good thing, a bad thing, or would we just feel fine?[1]  


[1] With sincere apologies to Michael Stipe.

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