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Discussion Questions 2: X-Men

February 8th, 2012

Here’s some X-Men comics we’ve read: New X-Men

E is for Extinction 

Scarlet in Glory 



Astonishing X-Men 

and others we’ve no doubt forgotten… 



  1. What’s the best X-Men comic you’ve read?
  2. And the worst?[1] 
  3. And the weirdest?
  4. Any ideas on the following: 
    1. Best X-Man ever (other than Wolverine) Worst X-Man ever
    2. Worst X-Costume ever
  5. Did Garth Ennis’s take on the X-Men in “The Boys” (the ‘G-Men’) have any valid points to make?
  6. Did Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon really revitalise the series?
  7. Did anyone see the TV cartoon adaptation, and what did they think?
  8. Do TV cartoon adaptations ever persuade people to read comics?
  9. Does anyone disagree with the following statement about the films: “X-Men 1 was quite good, X-Men 2 was the best, X-Men: Last Stand was best forgotten about, the less said about X-Men Origins: Wolverine the better, X-Men: First Class divides opinion”?[2]
  10. “X-Men” has been going – in its various incarnations – for a long time now; what is it about them that appeals?
  11. What’s the best X-Men graphic novel?
  12. “God Loves, Man Kills” often takes this slot, but should it?



[1] This may be a hotly-contested slot. 

[2] Largely, it must be said, between Louise and Dave.

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