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Discussion Questions: Crime-Related Comics

February 8th, 2012

Crime Related Comics: Questions for Discussion 

 (September 2011)

Some crime-themed comics we’ve read: 

  • 100 Bullets
  • Agatha Christie: Ordeal by Innocence
  • Black Diamond Detective AgencyCrime
  • Britten and Brülightly
  • Criminal
  • CSI
  • Iron Wagon
  • Johnny Double
  • Kane: Greetings from New Eden
  • Nobody
  • OCI (Occult Crime Investigation)
  • Sentences
  • Seven Brothers
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet
  • Top 10 book 1 
  • From Hell (does this count…?)
  • The Simping Detective (ditto) 

and others we’ve forgotten… 



  1. What’s the best crime-related comic you’ve read?
  2. And the worst?
  3. And the weirdest?
  4. Can TV adaptations (comic adaptations of TV shows) ever be any good, or are they doomed to be low-quality cash-ins? 
  5. Crime and the supernatural: we’ve read a few comics like this, but did we think they were any good?
  6. Does the graphic novel / comic form add anything to crime stories that novels, film and TV do not already have?

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