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March 4th, 2009


Adapter:  Mike Carey
Author:    Neil Gaiman
Artist:      Glenn Fabry

Reviewer: Louise

A graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy series for the BBC, “Neverwhere” tells the tale of Richard Mayhew, who slips between the cracks of modern-day London, and finds himself in London Below, a parallel world beneath the city streets. Here, Knightsbridge is the Night’s Bridge, a deadly crossing through darkness, the Earl’s Court is held aboard a Tube train, and there are real shepherds in Shepherd’s Bush (though you don’t want to meet them). Desperately trying to return to his old life, Richard joins the Lady Door, an orphaned young woman trying to stay ahead of Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar, the assassins who killed her family. With the aid of two adventurers – the Marquis de Carabas and the warrioress Hunter – Richard and Door must struggle to, respectively, survive and avenge the deaths of loved ones, but who they can trust is a difficult question…

Since Neverwhere is already a TV series and a book, it’s tempting to ask what is added to the story by the graphic novel format. A major advantage of this format over that of TV is that the artist isn’t hampered by the limitations of a BBC special effects budget, and the characters appear perhaps more as Gaiman would have wished them to. The Marquis de Carabas appears entirely black from head to toe, Door’s outfits are more elaborate and ornate, and the Beast under London is a truly terrifying sight. It’s certainly worth a read – I enjoyed it even though I wasn’t familiar with the story.

¦lt;br /> • Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd (25 Mar 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 184576353X

 (First published 21/12/2007.)

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