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Quotes of the ROTLA, 2019

December 15th, 2021

The following gems of wisdom have all been pronounced at meetings of the Graphic Novels group. Names have been hidden to protect the guilty.

More accurate naming for barbarian comics

“I call them ‘Much Stabbing’ and ‘Book 2 of Much Stabbing’.”

Sequels; not always a blessing

“We’re suffering the curse of sequelitis”.

Terrible puns

“So, there’s fishmen chasing them on a scooter, which is another fish.”

“A skate-board?”


What is this thing?

“It’s like Cookie Monster and Honey Monster had a lovechild.”

Alas, true

“I reckon he’s gone off to hang out with cooler people than us.”

“How and where?”

“Easily and everywhere.”

Reviewing ‘Jupiter Ascending’

“Apparently Sean Bean doesn’t do a waggle dance.”

The perils of puppeting

“I’m not sure Gerry Anderson has his arm up the backside of any of them though.”

The joys of space opera

“It’s great, but it has about as much hard science in it as… my brain.”

On firm reviewing

“It’s pretentious, I said that, and I’m not taking it back!”

The importance of understanding what’s going on

“She’s just doing opinions.”

Summarising John Wyndham’s work

“The master of the cozy apocalypse”.

This review is not really selling it

“If you’re stuck in Paris for a hour and have to read something, you’ll dig it.”

On misdirection

“You think you know where it’s going. It’s not going there.”

On health drinks

Recently overheard near the City Library: “I owe my life to green tea with seaweed in it. It’s absolutely disgusting though.”

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